Kush’s work carries the torch of the non-conformists before him, using imagery that smacks you in the face with social commentary. Each piece reads like a graphic novel that uses a bright neon color palette to deceive the dark content it depicts. Ultimately, his work compels introspection through its engrossing narrative.

Kush’s life of tagging, skating and surfing are evident in his work, stylistically. Yet, the subject of his work is sometimes hard to look at. One feels that he knows our secrets and is telling the entire room about them. His figures sometimes crave affirmation on social media or are physically obsessed with managing their appearance, or have a material and notoriety obsession that cradles the edge of self-destruction.

Kush finds inspiration for his work from his own autobiographical landscape which begins with reacting to outward absurdities and ends with growth and self-awareness. It is exactly on that threshold that Kush sets up his easel to begin each work.